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Does stretching reduce the risk of injury and muscle soreness?

Before answering this question, it is important to describe two types of stretching. Static stretching : These are positions maintained for a fixed period of time. They are the most used in sports practice. For example, pull the ankle to…

20 March 2018 | Learn more

Protexio: The Future of Employee Benefits

After many months of hard work, here we are, the arrival of Protexio will revolutionize the way companies can offer employee benefits. What is Protexio? Protexio is a revolutionary platform for businesses to allocate budgets for the overall health of…

19 December 2017 | Learn more

Daily Back Health, the Kinesiologist Can Help You!

Some people are wondering “why do I still have back pain? The answer is simple! Do not look too far. A part of the problem comes from elements that surround us like: fluffy sofas, toilets or poorly adjusted office chairs….

19 December 2017 | Learn more