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Why choose us

Protexio offers you an incomparable solution for employee benefits in your company.

Improve the general health of your employees

Protexio allows you to offer your employees complete protection in group health benefits. By covering expenses related to physical, mental, and financial health, you help your employees improve their general health.

Allowances for lifestyle expenses

With Protexio, your team also has access to lifestyle protection which covers personal development and other forms of therapy not covered by traditional health plans. No restrictions whatsoever; give your employees the means to be in good health and reap the rewards of an efficient and committed team.

Personalized benefits

Protexio offers increased flexibility by responding to the specific needs of each of your employees. They can use the budgeted allowances to meet their health goals according to their own situation.

Greater fairness between employees

Protexio promotes fair treatment of your workforce. Your employees benefit equally from the company’s investment contrary to traditional programs which “favour” some employees over others.

Better stability of costs over the long term

With Protexio, there are no variations in costs due to expenditures made by your team because you offer annual budgeted allowances. Your company can take control of the costs associated with your employees’ health care. Don’t forget that it will also be financially more beneficial for most of them.

Allowances management made easy

All of the management is done on-line with the Protexio application. See how easy it is, and explore how it works!

The eligible

The eligible

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