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Protexio, the future of employee benefits for your employees and your company.

An innovative solution for group health benefits at work

Protexio redefines employee benefits to meet the specific needs of each one. It is simple, customizable, flexible, and it fills in the gaps in traditional plans.

A solution adapted to the needs of everyone
Protexio offers customized employee benefits solutions for physical, mental, and financial health. With any workforce profile, our solutions are analyzed and compared to your existing traditional plan. We can therefore offer you the most cost effective and fair solution for you and your team.

Whether it is for full or partial coverage of your group health plan, Protexio offers your employees and your company incomparable service.

As simple as that!


You specify annual budgeted allowances for the general health of your employees.


Protexio takes care of the expense management, reimbursements, and balance adjustments.


Every two weeks we bill your company the sum of the claims made by your employees.

RRSP + Reports

At the end of the year, we provide you with a list of the deposits to be made to retirement plans and a report on the corrections to the taxable benefits of each employee, if applicable.


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