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Protexio: The Future of Employee Benefits

After many months of hard work, here we are, the arrival of Protexio will revolutionize the way companies can offer employee benefits.

What is Protexio?

  • Protexio is a revolutionary platform for businesses to allocate budgets for the overall health of their employees
    • A web administrative platform for the company
    • Mobile apps for employees
    • Support and customer service by the Protexio team
  • Protexio is not an insurance product, it is rather an indispensable tool for companies wishing to offer protections to their employees, without going through an insurer, while respecting their budget and of their vision of employee benefits
    • Since Protexio is not an insurance product, the list of eligible expenses is not subject to regulation and can be established at the employer’s discretion
    • A company is not obliged to cover prescription drug insurance (its employees can be covered by the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan) to allocate budgets to its employees with Protexio

Why Protexio?

  • To reduce and stabilize benefits costs
    • According to the latest studies, the costs of group insurance plans are increasing by an average of 10% per year (130% increases in health care costs by 2025(1))
    • The methodology for calculating insurance premiums and the tax rules governing group insurance plans in Quebec considerably reduce the interest for companies to offer a group insurance plan to their employees
    • Protexio allows companies to partially (or completely) transform their group insurance plan (variable costs) into budget allocations for their employees (fixed costs) which greatly stabilizes the total benefit bill
  • Thanks to Protexio, companies can now optimally structure their benefits programs by integrating them or not with government plans (Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan, Employment Insurance Benefits, etc.).
  • Allows you to opt for a plan with a mixed approach to health (curative and preventive), thus improving the overall health of your employees

If you would like to learn more about Protexio, we invite you to visit our website : www.protexio.ca
If you would like to meet one of our advisers, do not hesitate to contact us at info@protexio.ca

(1) Le journal de Québec, Régimes d’assurance collective: des hausses de 130 % d’ici 2025, Johanne Roy, 26 mai 2017

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