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Daily Back Health, the Kinesiologist Can Help You!

Some people are wondering “why do I still have back pain? The answer is simple! Do not look too far. A part of the problem comes from elements that surround us like: fluffy sofas, toilets or poorly adjusted office chairs. To this can be added the prolonged sitting and standing postures.

To fix the problem, people will consult multiple professionals: Chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath, massage therapist, name it! The interventions of these professionals are necessary, but do not usually produce results in the short term if simple reinforcement exercises do not accompany them. There are different sources of problems with lower back pain. For example, lack of endurance in the lower limbs or abdominal muscles, lack of flexibility in general, bad body awareness, or bad breathing.

You are the only one responsible for your posture and it is you who can make a difference in achieving better physical health. Maintain your health and seek advice from a kinesiologist in collaboration with other health professionals named above.

The kinesiologist is the health professional who uses the movement for injury prevention purposes and to help the population maintain a good physical condition. Here are two examples of everyday exercises to better cope with pain.

1. Squat (left): Feet shoulder width, lower the pelvis, keeping the heels on the ground. Exhale during the ascent.

2. Alternate knee draw (right): In the plank position, pull your knees alternately under your body. Keep the abdominals tight and the shoulder blades close together. Exhale when flexing your knees.

1 to 3 sets of 5 to 15 repetitions

This prescription is sufficient to begin. Of course, a progression can follow. Take care of your body by doing short exercises on a regular basis.

Article author: Joanie Nadeau-Leblanc, Kinesiologist

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